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Life is Better with You

April 6, 2020

Life is Better with You

My husband and I don’t like our wedding song. It’s not terrible—it’s just okay in a generic love song sort of way. It still holds, and held at the time we chose it, absolutely no meaning to us.


A few weeks before our August 2003 wedding, the band we hired for the reception sent us a list of the songs they could play. We scanned it over for about two seconds, picked a song that sounded “wedding-ish” and that was that. We danced to it as our first dance as a married couple and then moved on with our lives. The song was “I Swear” as sung by John Michael Montgomery or All 4 One, depending on whether you preferred the country version or the pop version. We preferred neither, but here we are, nearly 17 years into our marriage, and I swear I’ve never once thought to ask Alexa to play it.


Going to concerts and listening to music has always been an important part of our relationship, so it’s strange that this portion of our wedding day was practically an afterthought.


For our 10-year anniversary, my husband surprised me with a hot air balloon ride. When we got home, he sat me down on the couch and played a movie he made of photos from our first decade of marriage, set to music. The song he chose as the backdrop was “Life is Better with You” by Michael Franti and Spearhead.


Every day’s not Valentine’s,

But you make it feel like most of the time,

When I’m all alone with you.


Pickin’ up pieces of my life,

Sometimes there’s ones I just can’t find,

But they found a home with you.



I’m not afraid to be alone,

But being alone is better with you.

Life is better with you.


The song is upbeat and positive. It makes me smile each time I hear it. We found our song a decade into our marriage. And I swear, life is better with you, dear husband.

What was your first dance song?


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